The new era of Porche

So, you are still not convinced that we are going all electric?
Motoring is entering such an exciting era – and now Portche is making headlines about its electric plans – a concept car that they seem to believe will be on the roads, or something like it.

Their press release says
Porsche to invest around a billion euros – More than 1,000 new jobs
The first 100% electrically powered Porsche is on its way.

What do we at Porsche think of when we look to tomorrow? Sports cars, naturally. Our Mission Future Sports Car. But we also look for sustainable mobility, and consider trends for digitization and urbanization. Because in the future our sports cars will tackle these routes too – in pole position – bringing new technologies from the race track to the road.

PorcheMissionE-1PorcheMissionE-2With Concept Study Mission E we take our next step towards the future. With an all-electric sports car that defines our vision of e-mobility. The time is ripe for this study. It shows that, in addition to our plug-in hybrids, all-electric drive systems can truly meet our standards of intelligent performance. For us, this declaration is distilled into one clear philosophy: Porsche E-Performance.

PorcheMissionE-3The four-door car with four individual seats has a system power output of over 600 hp (440 kW).
The vehicle will thus achieve both acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and a range of more than 500 kilometres. Charged via an 800-volt charger unit specially developed for the car, which is twice as powerful as today’s quick-charge systems, the lithium-ion batteries integrated within the vehicle floor have enough power again for 80 percent of the range after just 15 minutes.
The vehicle can optionally be ‘refuelled’ wirelessly by induction via a coil set into the garage floor.

Our Concept Study Mission E is still just an idea but it embodies our complete vision of all-electric driving

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