Our dishwasher comes to its end

The dishwasher packed up at the weekend. Yesterday avening the engineer arrived – sad news, the repair bill will exceed £300.

It was a superb machine bought from John Lewis when we lived in Bristol; it had two drawers each operating independently of the other. So the bottom drawer was permanently set at delicate and washed glasses and more fragile items. The top draw did everything else.
This machine does not appear on the JLP web site but a similar model from the same manufacturer, bearing the manufacturer’s brand, does; to replace this would now cost £995 and that is out of the question.

Unfortunately, just after our dear old machine stopped working the waste from the kitchen sink blocked. Off to Homebase for caustic soda. It took 24 hours to clear so washing up was relegated to the small hand basin in the bathroom.

Search for a new dishwasher took on a sense of urgency.

I did the usual search and found rave reviews for a Siemens DW. I bought a Siemens hob and oven when we moved here and it has proven one of our best ever domestic purchases – great engineering, very easy to keep clean, etc. And the price of £399. It had almost 5stars rating but some had commented that the advertised stainless steel finish actually had a green hue and reduced their rating.
> Siemens SN25M831GB Dishwasher at JLP

We want a good stainless steel finish to complement to hob, oven and microwave so this didn’t appear OK until we read on and found reviewers explaining the this ‘hue’ was caused by the protective film on the door that those customers should have peeled off – and then, probably, given it 4 or 5 stars.

So that was our purchase, delivery and installation next week.

John Lewis will deliver free, install for a small fee and take away the old machine, but . . . not if the old one is integrated.

The replacement is stand alone.Of course they are not interested in dismantling so this morning tools in hand I set about removing it. That was not as easy as I was told it would be but job done the cleaned and prepared space now exists for the new arrival!!


NOTE: JLP say ‘never knowingly undersold’ –
I searched the internet for this model at a lower price – one other matched and all others were dearer. We like JLP service and support so decision to buy from them again was a foregone conclusion.