Cinema – Testament of Youth

Yesterday we went to Malvern Theatres to see Testament of Youth.

Perhaps it was being born during WW2 that I feel I have seen so much about war both WW1 and WW2. I know of the horrors of the first and the carnage and loss of so much life.

But then along comtestamentofyouth150es a film that puts you so close to the event feeling almost involved that the sheer futility and carnage comes in an all new perspective.

Testament of Youth did that with superb acting and script – all based on Vera Brittain’s memoires. Opening before war is declared you are absorbed into the world of innocence of siblings and friends who, one by one get drwan into the conflict, very finally going out as a nurse to discover the horror losing those siblings and friends.

She has a spell nursing wounded and dying during which she finds herself in a hut full of German casualties. The realisation that these men are in just the same position as her own – just a different nationality eventually leads her to become  apowerful force for pacifism.

When a film ends people either just get up and leave, or they sit and listent o the music over the credits. This was so different; no-one mover but a complete silence lingered for what felt like several minutes. Then one by one people started to stand and leave, still with little being said.

You go with the feeling that you have lived through a very personal experience gfrom sublime happiness and  innocence into a new world that changes everything for ever.

A great and moving film; a must see.